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    As some of you who attended our May Gathering event may have noticed I am now offering Rune readings. So now might be a good time to write something about The Runes and my personal journey with them so far.

    There are several different Futharks or versions of Runes but the one I use is The Elder Futhark. Each Futhark consists of a number of Staves (lines) of Runes, in The Elder Futhark there are three staves of eight Runes making 24 Runes in all. It is called a Futhark as these are the corresponding letters, or their nearest equivalent sounds in modern English.

    The Runes are believed to have been the earliest known form of writing in Northern Europe, originating in the Germanic tribes from where the Angles, Saxons and Jutes who we know as Anglo Saxons came from. It is the origin of written English.

    However Runes don't conform neatly into modern English. They are more about concepts and ideas than a strictly governed (or not) building block from which we make the actual words like our modern alphabet. Many people I have talked to have told me how they have read about The Runes, bought a set and then not been able to get on with it, and it seems to me that the numbers of those people I talk to may indicate that Runes are almost intrinsically attractive to us, in Western cultures at least. Perhaps that's something to do with the strong link to modern languages - it feels like a cultural thing.

    I was one of those people that struggled to get to grips with Runes. I've lost count of the number of books I've read - I even have a set of Rune Oracle cards which although they were useful at the time in getting me using Runes now seem strange. The point is that possibly more than any other similar tool like Tarot or Oracle Cards, Runes are highly interactive. It is really only once you throw yourself into working with them that you get it - at least that's my own experience! It was only when I made my first wooden set (pictured above) that I started developing an understanding of them. Like any true mystery you have to immerse yourself in it before it becomes clear.

    Being interactive Runes actually tell us very little on their own. It is how they work together that counts. In my readings I put the Runes together to form a Bind Rune. Sometimes they just won't go together easily and the result looks out of balance, which tells a lot about the situation. But other Runes also start to appear, which you wouldn't have seen otherwise and add to the reading to give a much fuller picture.

    I can make Rune sets for people and am currently working towards building up some stock - unfortunately at around 3 hopurs a set, depending on the wood used, this takes a while. If you are interested let me know and I will try to step up production! I can also make Runic Talismans for protection or other spell work if required - contact me to discuss your needs.

    Rune readings are priced at £30 for an hour session and Rune sets start at around £40

    Contact me at or through the website





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